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Employment in Physics

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    It seems that there have been a lot of issues regarding the kinds of employment one can get with a physics degree (be it B.Sc, M.Sc, and Ph.D). I have read many good responses, and also read some complete BS regarding this. Let's me the issues involved here VERY clear - your employability depends on

    1.the level of your degree

    2. the area of physics you have a speciality in (if you only have a B.Sc, you may not have too much of this)

    3. the skills you have acquired during your academic and post-academic years.

    4. the type of employment opportunity available where you are or where you intend to be.

    Those are it! These things dictate whether you are restricted to work only as a teacher, be employed as a university instructor, or have the opportunity to work in industries such as Intel, Appllied Materials, etc.

    It is meaningless to speculate this and that. It is clearer, however, if you simply look at all the employment and job advertisements aimed at physicists, and see for yourself which group of physicists are more in demand, and who is doing most of the employing. For a snapshot of the current job openings for physicists in the US, look here:

    http://aip.jobcontrolcenter.com/search/results/ [Broken]

    This listing changes all the time, and the number of listed job varies a lot sometime depending on the time of the year. So if you are worried about what kinds of jobs are available, survey this site a few times for a couple of months. I can't think of a better way to get the most accurate information on what is available out there for physics employment. Pay attention to the description of those jobs - what kinds of skills, knowledge, and ability are they looking for most of the time?

    Hopefully, this will stop all those questions on whether a physics degree is useless, or what areas are most in demand, etc.. etc... But I highly doubt it.

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    WOW..thats 393 advertisements. Thats alot isnt it?
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