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EMP'S- With capacitors.

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    Hello, i've read an EMP subject on this site a few minutes ago, it' didn't help me anything at all.

    My buddy had built an EMP with Capacitors and no explosive materials, how would i do it?

    Im thinking of building one, without explosives, because that's just too dangerous and not a smart idea.

    Can you please help me, or tell me how to build one, specifically.:smile:

    I have a few 200 Volt Capacitors in the Monitor i took apart, and i have a couple 400 Volt ones.


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    I don't know much about your problem but I would like to know what kind of monitor it was and where you got the 400 Volt ones.

    What kind of EMP are you interested in building? What kind of specs?
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    The monitor i believe was an Azura, some cheap knock off brand.

    I got the capacitors from the...... Chip from the inside, im not sure what it is called.

    Well, the type of Emp im trying to build is just a small radius emp, nothing bigger than..... well Something small, because i don't want to knock out a city block or i'll be screwed.

    The specs, well i don't know, a bunch of capacitors and what ever else i need... that doesn't contain explosives, even tho i know how to make them. I just rather not blow off a few fingers. Im not that carefull.

    *Im going to go check on the monitor.*

    It's an Azura 14 A+.

    anyways, i want to build an EMP *not to be repetative*
    something that doesn't do that far distance, something less than 30 yards, or something like that... SOMETHING SMALL :P.

    something made with easy components, readily available components.

    thank you
    XSNIDALX :eek:
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    The closest thing I can think of to an "EMP" would be a Tesla coil. This would produce high voltage RF fields. A small one would be reasonably safe, as long as you kept it away from your computers or sensitive electronics.

    However, your capacitors would be too low voltage for the components needed for a Tesla coil (and of course the main component of the Tesla coil is the coil itself, though it does use capacitors too, and some sort of switching device such as a spark gap).

    I suppose you could try and build a really low voltage version of a tesla coil with only a 200v primary, and some sort of relay for a switch, with the parts you have.

    There's more on Tesla coils at

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    Be very careful. You are working with lethal voltages and currents.

    An EMP is just that, a large electromagnetic pulse. What you are doing
    is shorting out charged capacitors which release a very large power
    (modest energy, short time). If you want a true EMP that will take down
    your city's power grid, you need a LOT of energy, much more than you will
    ever store in a capacitor from a monitor.

    Now just because you short it out does not mean you are radiating a
    large portion of the power. To do that you want to short it out through
    a large loop of wire. This is basically a scaled up version of Hertz's
    original radio experiments. Look up "spark-gap transmitter - Hertz" and
    you get all the data you need.


    Never forget that, and always keep one hand in your pocket when the
    cap is charged.
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