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I EMW Absorption

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    I have a presentation tomorrow and in a segment, I talk about light absorption. It's more conceptual than technical. I did quite a bit of research on the topic but because of simplifying information I may have butchered the facts and written something wrong. Could anyone please confirm/ deny and possibly give a few tips.

    The underlined sentence is what worries me the most. The quote itself represents a manuscript of what ill be saying.
    Thank you very much in advance :)
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    They don't "jiggle". That is a common misconception. The wave function is static, it does not change with time. While it is possible (but not necessary) to have a time-dependent phase in the description, this phase is only a mathematical tool - it is nothing you could observe, not even in principle.

    Light doesn't have to hit any frequency that would be represented in the atom. It has to match an energy difference between possible states of the atom (or the molecule, or metal, or whatever) to get absorbed or reflected, otherwise it just passes through.
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