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Encoder counters

  1. Dec 29, 2006 #1
    i am want to make circuit that use an encoder counters..
    but i don't know which ic can counter for encoder??
    i am using 74LS47 for encoder counters?but, it didn't work??
    is 74LS47 can use for counter encoders??
    which IC can used for encoder counters??
    thanks anyway
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    What exactly is an 'encoder counter?'

    - Warren
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    My guess would be that he has a quadrature encoder output, and wants to count up for rotation in one direction, and count down for rotation in the other direction. Is that correct, novrisa?

    How many bits of counting do you need? Do you know how to design the logic to take the quadrature encoder outputs (two signals, correct?), and use those to make an up/down signal and a counter clock signal? Then, do you know of counter ICs that have an up/down count control input?
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