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Encouraging signs re: uniting DM/DE fields

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    This paper explains the author's motivations for considering that the effects of repulsion (requiring DE) and gravitation (requiring DM) in standard cosmology arise from a single field. There is little in the way of explanatory statements, much less an elucidation of how the "dark fluid" manages to behave in the ways required, but I am encouraged that others are working in this direction.


    I believe that he is heading down the right track, and as many of you know full well, I expect that the "dark fluid" that he is modeling is the all-pervasive field of the quantum vacuum. He states that in the presence of baryonic matter, the gravitational attraction of the "fluid" dominates and in the absence of baryonic matter, the expansive pressure dominates. In my model, the vacuum field is polarized and densified by the presence of matter, and its self-attractive and gravitational forces are most evident in the presence of LOTS of matter, like in galaxies and clusters. Whether there is a lot of matter or little matter embedded in the vacuum field, the gravitational force (provided by the self-attraction of the polarized field) AND the resistive force (supplied by the fermionic repulsion in accordance with the Pauli exclusion principle) are always in perfect equilibrium everywhere.

    Polarized vacuum fields not only provide a mechanism for the effects that we attribute to dark matter and dark energy, it is the only way in which we can reconcile the fact that the universe has not collapsed to a diameter of a few thousand kilometers due to the gravitational equivalence of the energy of the vacuum, nor exploded due to the expansive pressure attributed to the energy of the vacuum. Interestingly, both of these forces are estimated to be 120 OOM too large to be explained by current observations. For an idea just how big 120 OOM is, there are about 1088 particles in the observable universe. If these forces do not arise from the same field, they cannot possibly conspire to be in such perfect balance to allow the existence of the universe.

    I welcome any contributions to this thread, including critical questions about how my model of the polarized vacuum fields relates to the "dark fluid" model that this paper is presenting. Name-calling and "your views are not consensus, so you MUST be wrong" posts will be cheerfully ignored.

    Science is not democratic. We don't count the votes to determine the truth.
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