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End of the world

  1. Jul 8, 2003 #1
    I remember hearing something about the dead sea scrolls and it's predection that jesus will come back around 2000 but i also rember hearing something about how our calenders are 4 years fast when compared to the chirstians original calenders. this was a few years ago has anyone eles heard of these predictions.

    Also feel free to talk about end of exetence predections and dates of diffrent religions
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    That was just something made up. The Bible even says that no one will know. Also, the Dead Sea Scrolls were simply the books of the Bible that had been handcopied for many years. They were hidden in the caves because Tiberious was going to destroy Jerusalem in 70 AD. That doesn't mean that they were just made though. It simply means that they took older writings and hid them too. It's really foolishness to even say you know the date for the end of the world. Also, no one know exactly how off the calendars are. They are probably 3-5 years off. Some say as much as 6 or 7, but it's probably 3-5. Also, the calendar was wrtten by a monk in the early centuries. I don't remember exactly when anymore, but he was using manuscripts for the dates. So they kind of put him off some. But, just don't worry about anything you hear that says it's the end of the world. The Bible says no one knows, so anyone claiming that the Bible says that it's the end is lying. I mean, the Bible Code thing said that the end was around 5000 AD! But it was a complete fony too. Don't believe tabloids.

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    The end of the world will probably happen within the next couple centuries.
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    God came to me in a dream last night and told me the world would end at midnight tonight.

    Hmm. I wonder what timezone???
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    Well, I'm not gonna speculate.

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    Re: ...

    Know one will know the end of the world. but its not about the end of the world either.

    Its about the end of days. and thats not the end of the world. simply about the setting up of the kingdom.

    and its not that noone know, and it dosent say that either, really. it talks in very specific tearms about the end of days, and what will happen when. phropecy freaks who are really into this can show you times and dates for the current international political atmosphere. you may just say that this is simply taking our situation and implanting it on to the bible, and "putting words into its mouth" as such. but there is more ot it then that.

    The bible talks of specific countries and events, suchas the king of the south (and yes, it specifies counties) and the king of the north (and again, specifies countries) and the fight in the middle. it is all about the middle east and the reclaiming of jeruselem. it tells you exacly WHAT will happen, but the question here is the knowledge of whether we will know WHEN.

    There are clues for this too. since most of the events specifed for the end of days have already happened, then it is supposivly pretty soon. some number crunchers who study daniel (one of the min phrophecy books of the bible) claim it to be arouns 2025 - maybe 3 years before or after that date. this comes from dates concerning when the sacrifice was taken away etc.

    if you are interested in a more detalied post on what i see this argument is stating, reply and i shall go in to greater detail so you can all pick it to bits and burn it as you will. i shall be interested in seeing what you have to say about it.

    as for it anyone simply being a liar if they claim to know about the end or when it will happen, well, i think thats a little harsh. peope taking the information and making a guess at it dosent make them a liar. but i guess thats another issue.

    let me know if you want a detailed post...
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    Newton spent a lot of time poring over the bible, and gave a predicted date for the end of the world in about 2060.
  9. Jul 10, 2003 #8
    Oh, so does that mean you believe in Him now?? heh, j/k
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    I'll be almost 100 year of age then. Pfffff, well that is a release then. Would the world start again afterwards?
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    Well, from what i have read, its slightly more complicated than that. More like; the kingdom is set up, and the Jews are replaced as the ruling power in jeruselem, and the world basicly has to pay tribute to them. If they dont, then famine and drought is curse upon the rebelling countires. the countries who already live in basic drought (like egypt) get the plauge instead. The Kingdom is a time where everyone can go on believeing what ever they want, but you can see Jesus and go to the temple in jeruselem, and see it all for your self (M Zion is described as amazing) and this lasts for 1000 years.

    It is the result of the "end of days" and thats basicly a World war, where the Jews look like they are going to get kicked, then come back and win. thats when the kingdom is set up.

    After the 1000 years, a few more rebels will rise up, and basicly go to war agaist God (I guess tecnology will be such then that we think that we can rise up against him and win against him - God might be all powerful, but we have some form of God killing machine we plan to use and finally have the world to ourselves...) But this rebellion fails. the rebels are killed, abnd by this time, everyone who will be "saved" is, and there are no more humans. Just dead people (those who never came accross) and the people who have been made immortal to rip around the universe and do Gods work.

    See you always had a choice in the bible. to live out your life and then die, and turn to dust, or to live out yout life, become immortal and go around doing Gods work in the universe. If the later dont seem like your thing, you are always more than welcome to choose the 2st option.

    So its not the "end of the world" as such. just a huge fight, then 1000 years of jesus reigning, a supression of rebels, then eternal work around the universe. with no human race. so i guess thats the end of humans. Which is proberly not exacly a comforting alternative, really...
  12. Jul 10, 2003 #11
    Well, when it happens, it happens. I'm ready. It'll much better than the here and now if you know what I mean.

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    I couldent agree more. I would like to see how all this pans out... if this is true, and these things do happen, then the world will be a very interesting place to live indeed.
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    Man wouldn't it! Someone should start a post about something like that! It would be very interesting!

  15. Jul 10, 2003 #14
    better yet some one should start a hoax about something like that
    where the wolrd will end in like 1 year.

    During the plagues poeople thought that god was punishing them and that the end is near so they dident plant or do anything...we could find a way to profit from it some how
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    I'm inclined to paraphrase David Cross on this one: what kind of D&D bull**** is this?!?
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    somethign to spark the imagination no matter how dismal it may be
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    For every beginning, there is an ending. For every ending there is a beginning.

    The world as it has ended many times to start again in a new era.
    I was born before WWII but grew up in the Cold War. It ended. That world that I grew up in ended. The world and life went on and we adjusted to the world without the Cold War to find instead the era of terrorism. I for one will be glad when the end of days does come or at least the coming of Christ.

    People have been using the bible to predict the end of days for centuries. Sects were founded upon these predictions that failed to happen but some of the sects went on to become major denominations of Prodestant faith despite the predictions not coming true. Go figure.
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    This I can relate to. Although I've not lived but it seems half the time you have, I too have seen the world change in my short years.

    Probably more in the time I've been alive, then in the rest of history.

    My questions to you is, what if Jesus returned 25 some years ago, and his name is "PC"?

    Why do people think that the end of days has to be the destruction of humanity? This is one of my biggest problems with religions.

    Why, instead, can it not be a transistion into a new era, as you've suggested?

    Dark Wing posted:

    This seems like what I've understood as well. That jesus would return and setup shop in Jeriselem. If there is ever a point in time that a man returns, demonstrating ability to alter physics at his will, and claiming to be the son of god, then surely my opinions on the matter will change.

    And honestly, I think most any mans would. What you have quoted would be 100% verifiable proof of a god. Thats all we're asking for. If this was the situation, then one would be a fool to not do as Jesus said.

    But as metaphoric as the bible can be, are you so sure that Jesus is coming back to setup his kingdom? Or is it possible that we will merely change/evolve into an independant society that can live morally with one another in peace?

    I mean, lifespans are extending day by day. I read an article that researcher/scientist, whose son had Parkinsons disease (I think, the one that makes people age very rapidly) and identified the gene(s) responsible. The article said that further research may produce drugs that will slow/stop the aging process.

    What makes you so sure jesus did not come back as the scientific method? Perhaps this technological revolution were on the brink of is jesus's kingdom?

    I mean, if people can tell me that Eve's genitalia is actually the forbidden fruit (didn't she "taste it" first? Interesting mental picture), then I can interpret revelations to get a belief of the above.

    Remember he's not going to return with water, but with fire, What if the fire is merely our new found ability to control fire, to produce numerous things.

    But, step back, look at it objectivly, question as to why it hasn't happened when everyone claimed it would (you ppl know the claim was made, although everyone denies it now.)

    And if you look at the logic behind it, it really does not make sense.

    If god wanted a bunch of robots to worship him in heaven, then why didn't he just make them? Instead, he creates billions of us, provides the means for temptation, and punishes for giving into that temptation.
  20. Jul 15, 2003 #19
    Ok, there are a few objections here, i shall do my best to answer them...

    Why do people think that the end of days has do do with destruction? well, that is basicly because all the descriptions given to us have to do with war, death, general fighting, and basicly a purging of the people of israel. ie, the whole 2/3 will be killed and the other 1/3 refined like gold though the fire or somthing like that... but it basicly decribes all out war. based in the middle east, with the coutries involved named and situations told. setting up the kingdom seems to be no small pretty task...

    Will Jesus simply try and change society to be independent? well, that may be the purpose of the kingdom... to teach people how to live properly till he leaves after 1000 after the rebellion.. it dosent go any further than that... But the kigdom is described as a time of peace and a time of learning (for those who want to) but other wise technology does go on, life does go on, its not armagedon... so maybe... my guess is that technology is the reason why humans think they can take God on and kill him in the rebellion beofre the 1000 years are up...

    I doubt the technological revolution that we are facing is a description of Jesus coming... maybe you could explain this point slightly more and i would understand what you are saying a little better... it could be seen as the catalyst for a lot of what is happaning internationally, i guess, and if you simply take jesus coming metaphoricaly as a catalyst... then i guess you could see it that way....

    Eves genatalia being the forbidden fruit???? i havent heard that one before... but that debate goes into a genisis and begining of time debate that isent really what this thread wants to talk about (though i am more than willing for a debate here if anyone wants to start a thread of the actual essence of this forbidden fruit...)

    As for the fire mentiuoned to simply again be metaphorical for our new found ability to controll things... again, it dosent really fit the descriptions of whats going to be around us. its returning with fire and war, itsa basic bible symbology... the thing about the bible and symbology is that it decribes exacly what each symbol menas in explicit detail.. there is nothing vauge about the bible... many people think there is but i am inclined to strongly disagree here... there is nothing in the bible that does not clearly explain its self...

    Why hasent it all happened when it was ment to happen acording to all those people? well... they were wrong? just because they were all wrong just means they missed somthing. or just got it wrong. many people in many fields get it wrong for hundreds of years before they get it right. its all about discussion, and a search for the truth, not the lock in your head telling everyone you are right and all else are wrong... religion should go through the same test as everything else... so people have been wrong in the past... that dosent mean there is no truth in it...

    as for why he didnt create robots... well he didnt want robots, he wanted people who e=were actuly interested in worshiping him. after all this is finished, those he has chosen are ment to be made immortal to do his work through out the univese forever. If you are not up to that, then you get to opt out and die. so he wanted real followers. those who have been there always, not in blind faith, but in understanding. those whpo have made it, not by blocking all else oput but incountering adversary and overcoming it, not with 'faith' but with understanding. once you understand the world you live in and human nature, then you can succede here... but only if you want to... you always have the choice... thats the whole point...

    as for creating billions of us then punishing us for giving into temptation.... that goes into your definiton of sin. God knows what we are like, and knows that it is against every bone in our body to do the things that he wants us to do. it is about mind over coming body (and i am not talking about mystical descartian souls here) (am an identity theorist, not a dulist of any kind) But he understands that we cant resist temptation. but if we know whats going on and understand him, and what he is... thats what counts. not all this sin and guilt stuff. i am not even sure where they get the concept of having to be guilty, and what makes a 'sin'. 'sin' is simply anything that is not 100% in Gods will. to be sinless... that basicly impossible for us mere humans. infact, the flash cant even stand in Gods presents... that why humans have always interacted via the angels to God. But all of this also goes into a debate i am not sure this tread is ment to cover.

    there is nothing illogical about it, really. you just have to cut all the crap you here people talking and read whats actually wittern. its pretty specific. i dont even understand where most people get their debates against christainaty from, cause most of the time they are debating things that are not even mentioned in the bible (ie going to heven when you die, hell, the trinity, satin as a firey devil and or a fallen angel).... show me where they get this from???

    but again, thats for another thread. (if anyone wants to start a discussion on this, there are a few threads going on this at the moment too... :eek:) )
  21. Jul 16, 2003 #20
    Depending on how you interpret different sections in the bible, I've read all the sections the would support all mentioned above.

    Since reading the bible completely literally, leaves contradictions and certainly behaviour that isn't compatible with current beliefs (stoning adulterers, selling offspring into slavery, preventing those with poor eyesight from approaching the alter of the lord...), everyone I've known treat, at least some of, the bible metaphorically (no matter how much they believe that they believe it literally). Since nobody picks the same metaphors, nor the same sections to treat literally, differences in what the bible means have to exist.
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