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End of the World!

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    Hey guys,I'm new member of forum.I have a question for you.
    I think you are listened to Dec 21 2012.The Maya said that "the World will be ended on that day".So


    If no or yes,could you please give me some cause ?(The question for people think the world will be destroyed by human,don't think me spam and don't flame me,thank you!)
    Have a nice day!
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    It is possible that civilization may some day be brought to its knees by global war, but it will have nothing to do with Dec 21, 2012. That is internet myth nonsense that you should pay no heed to.

    Also, forum rules require attention to grammar and punctuation. You should avoid SMS shorthand.
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    I saw something in TV:The war of Korea,North Korea,USA,Iran,..All of them talked about reactor,atomic weapon,...Should we care about it??? Do you think it will be influence your country,my country,..global?
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    Please type out entire words instead of using text-speak (forum rules). And no, there is no reason to believe that the world will end. During the Cold War, the US and Russia faced off in a battle known as MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction), just so neither side would dare to launch ICBMs at the other. The result was an uneasy peace, and VERY wealthy weapons manufacturers. We are still here. If we can draw down stockpiles of such weapons, we'll be much better off.

    If any of your friends start talking about December 21, 2012, please inform them that the "end of the world" is a fantasy, possibly caused by some limitation in the Mayan's calendric cycles or their numbering system. Google Harold Camping to see how these predictions turn out.
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    I'm sorry.I wasn't read forum rules careful before post thread.I'll read it again.Thanks for your remind.
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    Does this help?
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    Please do not use text speak on this forum. Please use proper grammar and spelling.

    To answer your question: no, the world will not end on that date. That is: it is as likely that the world ends on 21 december as that it ends tomorrow. There is not inherently special about 21 december other than a hype on the internet.

    In fact: the maya calendar doesn't end on 21 december at all. The idea of the mayan calendar is that it is subdivided in specific time units. These units are called:

    1 day = 1 kin
    20 days = 1 Uinal
    360 days = 1 Tun
    7,200 = 1 Ka'tun
    144,000 days = 1 Bak'tun

    What happens on 21 december is that the current Bak'tun will end and that a new one will begin. Currently, we are in the 12th Bak'tun and on 21 december we will move on to the 13'th Bak'tun. There is nothing inherently special or cataclysmic at that. It's the equivalent that january ends and that february begins.

    People started saying that 21 december is the end of the world just to get some cash.

    Note, that the world WILL end once. This end is estimated at 7.6 billions years from now. Mankind will likely not live long enough to see it happen.
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    Ain't that "helium flash" a biatch?

    edit: I first went with something more recognizable, but altered it for realism.
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    Interestingly enough the OP manages to break a plethora of forum rules, yet he is still around and the thread is not even locked. :uhh:

    But I agree, education is much more important than policing.
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    By the bye, we do allow for "English as a second language" grammar and spelling mistakes, as long as an effort is made.
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    Note that the OP at this point just asked a question and doesn't claim anything.

    This thread is on a very short leash however. As soon as the OP (or anybody else) starts arguing and starts spouting crackpottery, then this thread will be locked immediately.
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    More apposite:


    Although I prefer this for sheer cynical value (profanity warning!)

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