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Endless Conflicts Between Atheists and Theists

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    I posted this yesterday (?) but the thread is absent. Perhaps i pressed a wrong button or dis not see an error message. Here it is again:
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    Please read your private messages. Upper right hand corner of the page.
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    Shall I start this discussion? Do I need permission? I've been up for 15 hours, I'm 3 hours ahead of the local time zone. The third shift guys don't want me to leave. I'm grumbly, tired, smelly, and ready to pick an intellectual fight.

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Pffffft. Fifteen hours; do you mean before your lunch break?

    Kids these days.
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    Uh. I thought this thread was locked. And for good reason.

    Did the lock pop off?

    As it stands, it is not a well-formed thread.
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