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Energetic Storage Fields?

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    Energetic Storage Fields???

    We all know information can travel via waves ( radio, television, cell phones),
    what is the feasibility of a stronger, sphericaly moving energy field containing a weaker energy carrying information in a loop. An energetic storage field? A man-made morphogentic field?
    A loop within a loop...no hard drive, disk, or anything physical.
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    that would be great, but

    you would have to continue to feed power to the outer loop or you loses your entire storage mechanism.
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    I canot tell you everything. Everything is possible we are now so advanced we can compute to infinet so go out side and injoy life once you find what you are looking for it not really what it is it's somthing else to fill the void it's called the code @ www.beyond-science.com[/URL]
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