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Energy and frequency question

  1. Nov 14, 2011 #1
    Energy and frequency E=hv

    I have a simple question that is that is E=3/2x Kb x T, where kb is boltzmann constant.
    I understand that this is involve 3 degree of freedom, but as i was reading through the forum, i come across 1 equation stating E=kb x T. So is it true? and what application would this apply to?

    And with regards to quantum physics, since kinetic energy= 1/2MV2, and =3/2kbT,
    yet, λ=h/p=h/mv, where h is planck constand and p is momentum, and λ is wavelength.

    Since λ=V/F, where v is velocity and F is frequency,
    then this would mean that V/F=h/mv, and I would get hxF=mV2,
    and since E=hxv, where E is energy, h is planck constant, and v is velocity,
    would that mean that E=mV2 which I don't understand as I thought E was suppose to be 1/2mv2, yet now the 1/2 has disappear.

    Thanks a lot for the help, a bit confused with all the energy, frequency and wavelength.
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