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Energy and LQG

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    It may be a simplistic question, but i wondered if the spin foam model
    of LQG could survive a particle of 10-20 Mev ripping through its matrics.
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    Surely if the spin-foam model is accurate (and remember, it is mostly used at present as a form of path integral), then the zipping macroscopically envisioned particle would be when viewed microscopically some kind of wave propagating zig-zag fashion through the foam. Particles after all would be in the foam not somehow or other prior to it.
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    Thanks for reply SelfAdjoint.

    It may sound strange that space time could be harmed in any way,
    but as far as i know everything in nature is degradable, in one way
    or another, so is ST indestructible?
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    I prefer a different analogy. Spacetime is malleable, but resilient. It accomodates any transaction that does not violate causality [e.g., the laws of thermodynamics].
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