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Homework Help: Energy conservation Law

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    http://fm92-1.com/physics.jpg" [Broken]
    The initial speed is 0 m/s
    We let go of the rope
    What is the system's kinetic energy when the little block is at 15 cm from the ground?

    What's wrong with my work?
    [tex]E_{t}=E_{P}+E_{F}+E_{K}\Rightarrow E_{K}=E_{t}-E_{P}-E_{F}[/tex]
    where Et is total energy, Ep is potential energy, Ef is friction energy and Ek is kinetic energy.

    The answer is 1.47, but i get -2.4
    What to do?
    Thank you
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    Your last term, energy lost due to friction, is calculated wrong. Friction energy is force times distance. What you have is force. You need to multiply it by a distance (how far the block moves) to get energy.

    I don't know if you get the right answer, but that's one thing that's wrong that I could find.
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