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Energy conservation paradox

  1. Apr 10, 2014 #1
    If three circular or ring type magnets are placed such tnat centeral magnet is having its center at origin and other two are placed at its aperture repeling each other but they are just at enough distance such that the whole system is in equillibrium, placed on surface having friction.
    If i fix any of the two magnets i.e a centeral one and any one of the above and try to move the third one closer to the second fixed magnet and , leave it, it gets back to its orignal position.
    The energy i spent in bringing them together is stored as potential energy and some part of that energy is lost in form of heat so at that particular point when the third one is close to the second one the system was just having the potential energy stored in it which is to be spent against friction also so the third magnet must not return to its orignal position but it is returning to its orignal position due to repulsion .
    So please explain the the conservation of energy in this case.
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    Simon Bridge

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    The analysis is flawed.
    When you let go, the magnet does not return to it's equilibrium position - even in the absence of friction.

    Where did you get this from?
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