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Homework Help: Energy conservation

  1. Feb 20, 2006 #1
    3.4kg rock starts at 25 cm on a plane with a 33degree angle. upon reaching the bottom the box slides along the horizontal. friction coeff is
    .19. how far does the box slide on the horizontal before coming to a rest?

    ok i need to use .5MVi2 + MGy1 = .5MVf2 + MGy2 + Ffrd

    first i need to find the velocity of the box as it hits the end of the incline. i also need the length of the incline.

    i have Y1=.025 meters

    i keep getting 4.3 meters but its wrong
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    ok i found the distance from top of incline to bottom of incline to be .459meters using laws of triangles. so if friction is acting the velocity is gsin33-.19gcos33 and that equals 3.7758


    ok so we got Vi at the bottom to be 1.861 and the y1 and y2 at the bottom are both zero and the final V is 0. so is it mv2/2=.19d???? and that comes out to 31.01425 meters???no way!!
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