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Energy Conversion

  1. Apr 16, 2006 #1
    How can you convert Mechanical energy into Considerable Heat Energy directly? The mecahnical energy has to be minimum. And the heat energy produced must be of great magnitude. Help!
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    - Friction -
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    Well said Hoot.
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    Well, one must realize that "Considerable Heat Energy" < Mechanical Energy. An inelastic collision (impact) would do that, whereby the kinetic energy would be converted to thermal energy.
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    "Friction" is certainly your answer. However, to "optimize" you need to maximize surface area contact with the frictional component.
    This would be assymetric "compression, or extension", which would cause a variable internal displacement which would generate heat.
    I'm reminded of a rubber band that, when quickly pulled and then placed against one's lip, feels quite hot.
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    A car's brakes do a pretty good job of creating heat from kinetic energy. That's where I might go.
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    Hi there:

    How about some combustion ...


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    Combustion might well result from the process, but that in itself isn't mechanical; it's chemical. You still need friction, compression, etc. to initiate it and still comply with the question. In that regard, though, I suppose that a basic match is the quickest approach.
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