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Energy conversion

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    How energy conversion takes place in dc machines (motor or generator)
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    You should grab a textbook for an explanation. Wikipedia probably has something on this as well. It's too much to explain how it works in one post.
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    ok i better ask specific questions so that it wud be easier to answer.first of all in generators how and wat force is produced,that resists the motion of armature being moved by a prime mover.
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    A current is produced in the generator which would oppose the magnetic field (usually of permanent magnets). This is Lenz's Law in action. And I second taking a look at the Wikipedia articles on generators and motors, which will give you a high-level introduction to this topic. After that, perhaps an introductory electromagnetics textbook? You're asking a lot with this question.
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    energy coonversion is taking place in dc machines by the action of lenz law.current passes thru the coil which felts under magnetic field and turns to induction principle.ie: curren carrying conductor in a magnetic field effects a force which inturns into a torque.
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