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Energy detection device

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    hi......i want to design a energy detection device fror my home......i want to design it in a way tht it will also automatically switch off unnecessary load when consumption is high above the set value.......can anybody help me with the design plz.......it wud be better if the xplanation is from grass root level....thanx in advance
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    Simon Bridge

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    Start by describing the problem you want to solve and not the method by which you want to solve it. You know there are lots of different kinds of energy right? From context I guess you want to track electrical energy consumption by your house and switch off particular loads should you exceed some value either for total consumption or rate of consumption?
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    yep ok thats a standard style of energy monitor
    my question would be how to determine when a given load is unnecessary ?
    many household items are not contineously running anyway.... think of your fridge/freezer or hot water heater. both power up in bursts for relativel short periods of time. Your oven/range top is only using power when you switch on an element.

    Any appliance presenting a load will only have high consumption when its in use.... so what's the point of switching it of when you are actually trying to use it ?

    so which specific appliances etc were you wanting to consider automatically monitoring ?

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    A thermostat is one of the best ways of regulating the energy you use. Turn it down and put on a jumper.
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    ok i got ur question......i am giving u an example....suppose high consumption is takin place so the monitor should be so designed it caN reduce the load suppose by increasin thge temp of an air conditioner....i think u got it......so finally i want to knw how to design it ......can u mention what parts i require to design it?
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