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Energy Efficiency and Transfer

  1. Nov 26, 2012 #1
    First of all this is a fun sidetrack thing. I'm looking for the safest and most efficient molecule that could be split or combined or some way to produce force.Could it be put in a motor-type device and therefore be used as a motor?BTW, this is for like a car.Could Salt Water produce electricity that could be stored in a battery and therefore be in a car?
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    I think you have some mechanism in mind which does not work, but your question is a bit vague.

    You can produce hydrogen via electrolysis and store it to power a fuel cell afterwards - I think the efficiency electric->electric is something like ~50%. Electric->mechanical is close to 100%, that does not matter much.
    Batteries use other chemical components, but not salt water (why salt water?).
    Petrol and oxygen can be used in a motor, too - it is impractical to produce petrol from scratch, but it can be made out of (parts of) oil of course.
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    Are you thinking in terms of the mechanism that operates in our muscles?
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