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Energy equation diffusion

  1. Mar 26, 2012 #1
    Imagine a wall (membrane). Concentration of a specimen A on one side of the wall is cA and it has the temperature TA. The concentration of a specimen B on another side of the wall is cB and it has the temperature TB. Specimen A nad B diffuse against each other (assume steady state). Can somebody write the energy balance equation for this case?
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    The specimen A diffuses from the side of the membrane with the concentration cA (side 1) to the other side (side 2) and specimen B diffuses in the opposite direction. Because the temperature at the side 1 is TA and the temperature at the side 2 is TB is heat flux in both directions:

    mA, mB - diffusion flux of specimen A/B
    hA(TA) - specific enthalpy of specimen A at TA
    hA(TB) - specific enthalpy of specimen B at TB
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    Is that correct?
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