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Energy, Eternity and Infinity.

  1. Aug 27, 2008 #1
    I resist posting as I have very little physics or math knowledge. I read quite alot and would like to seek veiws on the following.

    Energy can't be created or destroyed.

    That implies it is eternal.

    If it is eternal it is infinite, at least in duration.

    Is it fair to say:

    Energy exists - We are concious of it.

    Energy is eternal - Can't create or destroy it.

    Energy is infinite - Eternity is infinite.

    What are the implications of the indestructibility of energy?

    I'm writing an artical on areas that science, religion and philosophy agree apon, and would appreciate any insight in this area.
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    "Energy can't be created or destroyed?" The key word here is created and what does this actually mean?

    Man people believe the big bang singularity just popped into existence and was not created by anyone or any existence whatsoever: So instead of energy being created by anyone or any existence whatsoever what man calls energy existing could have also just popped into existence along with everything else and would then have existed "only" for 15 billion years or so and a finite quantity of time.
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    I disagree, "Man" doesn't believe this. There may be some people who do but cosmologists AFAIK don't even address the origin of the singularity in question so they don't assume that it popped out of nothing.

    EDIT: Oops, surely you meant "many" and not "Man"...
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    Philosophically, it implies that existence is for all time.
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    Sorry, I did mean many not man...
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    This implies that time is eternal.

    Matter must have begun in a finite past, by the law of entropy.

    The universe is of a primary singularity or "first movement".

    I'd imagine the movement as the begining of time, because in an instant or at light speed there is no movement. It seems movement is related to the passage of time somehow.

    As entropy affects movement its force disperses into a miriad of lesser pairs, so movement slows and temperature becomes infinitely low.

    Matter would sit still, evenly dispersed in space.

    If infinite entopy is possible then the future is infinite. Without movement there's no light and we start losing a definition of time. (wont go there)

    Anyway it seems it is not concurred that energy is eternal or infinite but in that we are conscious of it, it exists, at least for now.

    I hope my thermodynamics is not inane.
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