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Homework Help: Energy Flow

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    k im stuck on this one question i dont know the formulas can anyone help me with each and tell me how to do it!

    heres teh question:
    the prodcution of some beefe cattle in AB is based on fertilized fields of rye grass and clover. a typical sq. metre of pasture recieves 2093400kJ of visible light energy from the sun each year. The energy is accounted for as followed:

    energy is reflected by le aves 330 004kj
    energy is lost by evaporation of water 1046700kj
    energy transmitted to teh ground
    energy trapped by plants 42872kj
    trapped by eenergy used in teh lpant respiration 3936

    1- what % of total avaliable solar energy is trapped by the plants through photosynthesis over the yer?
    2-how much energy is avaliable to cattle from each sq metre if they eat all teh plants
    3-what is the albedo of the leaves?
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    Please read the second sticky at the top of this forum or the second link in my signature.
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