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Homework Help: Energy flux in two strings

  1. Nov 20, 2008 #1
    Hi there,

    Two strings, tension T, mass densities mu1 and mu2, are connected. Consider a traveling incident wave on the boundary. Show that the energy flux of the reflected wave and the transmitted wave equals the energy flux of the incident wave. (The energy flux of a wave, the energy density times the wave speed, is proportional to (A^2)/v, where A is amplitude and v is wave speed.

    I'm trying to solve it using the equations g_1= [(v_2-v_1)/(v_2+v_1)]f_1 for the reflected wave and f_2= [(2v_2)/(v_2+v_1)]f_1 for the transmitted wave.

    Is that correct or should I use (1/2)(mu)((omega)^2)(A^2)(lambda) as the sum of both kinetic and potential energies in the string?

    Any help or tips would be great! Thanks!!
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