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Energy from methane

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    could one make a fuel cell that would oxidise methane to release electricity the way that a H2 fuel cell does?
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    Yes, of course, but the one of the waste products from the methane fuel cell is [tex]CO_2 [/tex], this being a greenhouse gas, makes the fuel cell less attractive an option and hence less popular an option than the hydrogen fuel cell, which gives off only water as waste.
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    considering the avalibility of methane as opposed to hydrogen
    it isless polluting than thecombustion of it in an engine whereit can yeild nitrogencompounds, ozone, carbon monoxide, and other harmful gases due to the rapid combustion phase of most 4 cycle, and 2 cycle internal combustion engines, 2 cycles are the worst for this because of their speed and the fact that they burn the oil along with the gasoline
    if you were to oxidise H2S, one of the gases in natural gas, would you get H2SO4, just curious because we have an abundance of natural gas in our water which can be extracted. At times our water is white when it comes out of our faucet due to the dissolved natural gas under pressure
    i have extracted 3 1/2 gallons of unpressureized natural gas running water at a rate of about 5 gallons per hour through a homemade water degasser for 24 hours
    Could one oxidise any flammable gas to yeild electricity?
    How do you test for trace amounts of H2S?
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    what would i have to use as a catalyst?
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