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Energy from RF

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    Since RF radiates from a antenna when you key up the transmitter.and since RF is hypothesized to be photons that account for the electromagnetic particle that tranfers EM waves.when a current hits the antenna,what if electrons since they flow into the antenna,are converted into photons,and radiate out.then when the electron/photons hit a antenna,are converted back into electrons.when the elctrons are in photon form they cannot be electrons.since photons or electrons can be a wave or a particle,at any given time.when the electron is in photon form.there is missing mass/energy from the electron to a photon conversion.since the electron is forced to stay a photon,its potential ability to be a photon or a electron as is property allows you to steal the energy of the electrons missing mass while it's a photon,without the use of the photonelectric effect,because this just turns it back into a electron.but if you could find a way to get to energy from the electron while its a photon as RF you could convert particles right into energy without fusion or any other means
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