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Energy gap and V_b intution

  1. May 22, 2010 #1
    V_b is defined as V_n +V_p
    v_n = (E_f-E_i)/kt

    i dont know what is the accurate meening of V_b

    i know that it takes values around 0.7v

    and i know that 0.7 volts is the voltage that makes the diode to become a conductor

    so what is V_b


    i was also told
    that if E_g gets smaller then n_i gets larger then V_b gets smaller

    i cant understand why??
    i know that E_g is the differnce between valce band and condactivity band
    n_i is the density of negative charges =and positive charges in non doped material
    how the change of one affect the other in the appointed way?
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