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Energy given off Photons/Heat from Conduction Band (Conduct Electron) to Valance band

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    If I had a group of ten atoms in a vacuum what effect if any would raising the valance electrons per atom have on the other atoms? The second question is that when the conduction electron falls back to being a valance electron is all the energy given off as photons or is some heat (proportion?) I was also wondering if there is a table for the wavelength/frequency/energy that is given off per element (In some constant environment)? Thanks
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    Either there's more to your questions than what you have described, or they are very vague.

    Here, the "vagueness" comes in in terms of the degree of interaction that each atom has on the others. If the atoms are on average a meter apart, then each one of them really have no clue what the other one is doing. Thus, your question really cannot be answered until YOU clarify what the conditions are.

    Again, this is also very vague. Are you asking for what happens in a semiconductor, or a "conductor"? A conduction electron in a conductor does not fall back into the valence band because the conduction band IS the valence band in a metal. In a semiconductor, it very much depends on how the semiconductor is fabricated, because if this happens way deep in the bulk of the semiconductor, then there's a good chance the photon would not make it out and will be absorbed as heat or via other absorption. One also have to consider if this is a direct band gap or an indirect band gap transition, because the latter requires the assistance of the lattice phonon.

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    Also (if your second question is supposed to be related to the first scenario), with a collection of ten atoms you will not see any valence or conduction bands. At best, if you can make a cluster out of them (which is different from having isolated atoms in vacuum), you can form some molecular orbitals with a HOMO and a LUMO.
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    Thanks for the information

    Thanks, I will look into this information. Thanks for the help
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