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Homework Help: Energy in Phase Changes

  1. Nov 29, 2004 #1
    Hey...I am having a little problem with my homework. Here are the two questions:

    1. 6.66g of ethanol gas at 78.3 degress celsius (boiling pt) was bubbles into 60g of liquid ethanol at 12.3 degrees celsius, heating it to 52.3 degrees. Specific heat for ethanol (l) is 2.6 g/(g degrees celsius). Use this data to calculate the molar heat vaporization for ethanol.

    2. 30g of ethanol(l) (c=2.6 j/(g degrees celsius)) at 50 degrees has an ice cube at 0 degrees placed in it and the temperature drops to 14.5 degrees. Calculate the mass of the ice cube.

    Could someone please explain to me how these questions are done? Thanks.
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