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Energy in solar neutrinos

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    what % of solar energy is converted to solar neutrinos, assuming energy released in all forms per unit time , say 1 second as 100%?
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    Most of the neutrinos produced in the sun come from the first step of the pp chain but their energy is so low (<0.425 MeV)




    The figure shows the principal reactions in the pp fusion chain in the sun.

    Ref: http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr162/lect/energy/cno-pp.html

    A reaction cycle yields about 25 MeV of energy, as compared to a neutrino energy 0.425 MeV mentioned above.


    By knowing what steps produce energy and the energy per reaction, one can determine the portion of the total energy given to neutrinos.

    I'd strongly encourage working through the numbers.
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    Neutrino energy is a small component of the solar output, and neutrinos do not play well with ordinary matter to begin with.
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