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Energy is all ?

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    Is energy all there is ? In other words, are all physical phenomena (including space itself) just different states of energy ?
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    No. Energy is just an abstract human invented quantity, that can be calculated for a wide range of observed phenomena.

    Space is another abstract concept, and doesn't have energy assigned to it.
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    Bottom line is as the poster above partially stated, we attempt to understand and predict phenomena using ideas that can be detected (directly or very indirectly) and or measured in some way. This has been a very satisfying activity for a lot of us for some reason. Some of the ideas can be very counterintuitive because of the limitations of our nervous systems and what we model with this nervous system based on what we encounter everyday of our lives.

    Imo, we were clearly not made (from an evolutionary point of view) to be able to perceive and characterize phenomena that does not stimulate our nervous system. Yet somehow, and this freaks me out, we have invented symbolic language (math and language) that allows us some very interesting insight to worlds we cannot sense directly.

    So I would say, stay humble. And keep questioning the way we characterize things about us.
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