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Energy Job

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    I am a senior in college and want to work in the field of energy, either oil or nuclear. I was wondering what the best major would be? I was thinking oceanography, geology or physics. I was thinking oceanography because I want to work with the ocean in someway, how can I do this? How is the Millersville Physics program? Also what would one have to do to become a geophysicist?
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    That depends on whether or not you go with oil or nuclear, since they have different requirements. If you want to do R&D with nuclear then physics (with a focus of nuclear physics) is better. Oceanography is really only useful for off shore oil exploration, if that. geology is useful for both nuclear (if you want to go Uranium hunting) and oil.
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    Can a physics degree also be applied to the oil field? I just do not know what I want to do yet. I like physics and geology the same and I guess its just about the job opportunites that will be avaliable after college. Do you think a double major in physics and geology be too much?
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    Er... aren't you a bit too late to decide on a major? You said you are a senior in college, didn't you?

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    Good catch, I meant I am a senior in High School. Thanks
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    As far the oil industry goes, Petroleum, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering are all useful. Traditionally, Petroleum Engineers have filled a lot of the billets in the offshore exploration business. Also Geophysicists are in demand as well.

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