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Energy ladder

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    First of all;
    Howdy all hope everyone is well.


    Everything seems to be energy it's everywhere in every form cause nothing exists that isn't energy if i am wrong don't bother reading any further but please tell me why and proof please.

    So assuming I'm correct from what I've learned so far were all just different forms of energy. And I think I read in some other forum someone said something about consciousness being energy(I agree). So what if the purpose of life is to make it to absolute energy. To be the only energy aware of not only itself but all the others as well. We seem to be on our way to the "end" (we seemed to have already received our consciousness) now all we have to do is leave the less evolved energy(our body) to roam the universe free. But then what what will we experience then? Maybe new forms of energy something even more spectacular than consciousness. Just one more thing to obtain.Sorry if I seem to be going on about after life a bit I just read one of the old posts and it's been on my mind. But as per usual, no proof. Just the bit about us all being energy.Not that it's proof just a backbone (humm maybe more like a pair of suspenders) to support my theory. However far fetched.

    Another thing that has been on my mind is this infatuation with opposites. Living:Dead, Up:Down, Beginning:End and so on. Opposites are one in the the same. We live in a world where we move our selfs toward our preferred end of the opposites spectrum trying to distance our selfs from our dislikes and such. And what is like the biggest rule in the universe??? Opposites attract. It all comes full circle. I know in my life experience almost everything I've really disliked I've either become or tried.
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    If matter and energy were the same thing, then we would not need both words. Water may be solid, liquid, or gasseous depending on the energy level--temperature. At some very high temperature the components of water may become energy, but in the earth's biosphere, matter can be differentiated from energy. After all, energy equals mc squared not ec squared.
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    'Pure energy" is a nonsense term. It is precisely like say "pure up". Without some "thing" to affect energy has no more meaning than an up without a down.

    Words only have demonstrable meaning according to their function in a given context. This is not merely my opinion, but a scientifically verified fact.

    www.relationalframetheory.org [Broken]
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    The mystical concept of energy and the scientific concept of energy are utterly unrelated. This thread is just meaningless gibberish.
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