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Energy law

  1. Mar 1, 2009 #1
    as we know "energy can neither be created nor destroyed it can be transferred from one form to another " .

    so the energy we receive from sun is dissipated here & some amount goes back .

    so the sun has more energy which gives energy out . so from where does this sun energy goes ??
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    In the Sun elements are fused together to form new elements and release energy. This energy is largely in the form of heat. Heat can only be transferred through a vacuum in one way, radiation. The energy of the Sun is radiated away as electromagnetic radiation (light). Some of this light hits Earth, where it is either reflected away or absorbed and then reradiated later. The energy that doesn't hit Earth travels through space in all directions. Some of it will eventually hit something, some of it never will. To answer the question "where does the energy of the Sun go"? Most of it is radiated into space to travel billions of years.
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