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Energy levels and quantum numbers

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    Hey guys, this isn't really homework but will help me on the exam and the homework too. We are working in the book, where you just get to electron structure, orbitals, configurations, etc.

    The part that I need help with is Quantum Numbers. My book has:
    n(principal energy levels)
    ms(Electron Spin)

    I don't really understand this part, the book explains it very poorly. I understand Electron configuration(1s2s,2p,etc). If someone could help me relate this information, I'd be very grateful. I'm not sure how it all ties together.

    Here is an example question(homework) that I don't understand completely.

    How many electrons in an atom can have each of the following quantum number designations?
    a. n=1, l=0, ml=0
    b. n = 5, l=3, ml=+2
    c. n=3, l=2

    Thank you,
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    Anyone know this stuff, I know its basic.....but any help would be great!
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    Much better explaination, thank you Geoffjb.....I appreciate it!!!
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