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Energy Loss in Scintillators

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    I'm working on a Time Of Flight simulation to detect some pair/particles and I need some information about the "Energy dependence of the light yield of PST scintillators"

    Does anyone have information about this?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Hi, and welcome to PF,

    you can look in the particle data group ressource, you need to know basics on the passage of particle through matter and the section on plastic scintillators in particle detectors. You might want to use a textbook as well, to go into more details (you need a textbook, hopefully you can find one at the library, otherwise you will have to figure out another way of getting one.). It is hard to help you without more details on what exactly you want to do. Probably you need the emission and absorption spectra of your PST, probably provided by the constructor. Probably you need to model them somehow in your simulation code.
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    Thanks, I will check that
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