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Energy loss

  1. Feb 19, 2004 #1
    I am climbing 1600 flights of stairs . Total height climbed is 1000ft.
    I weigh 60 kgs. What is the energy loss in calories?
    To lose the same amount of energy how long I have to walk on a flat surface at 5 Km per hour?
    Thank you
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    It really depends on whether you want the physics answer or the biology answer.
    For the physics answer, you need to convert that height to meters then use the formula E = mgh. You'll get an answer in joules which can easily be converted into calories. There are 4.186 joules in a calorie.

    If you want the biology answers, the only way to find out is through testing. It's almost impossible to determine how much energy it will take to walk up stairs or on flat ground because people have different weight, different walking style, different paces, etc.
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