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Energy not lose

  1. Jul 14, 2014 #1
    I am talking about electromagnetism..
    Can we construct a system with no power consumption..
    I ve an idea...
    1 we can construct rail route surrounded by dome shaped copper (actually cu strips to avoid eddy current)
    2 rail on which permanent magnet is fixed will allowed to move on this route..(initially application of electricity to start the train)

    When it will move thru dome will generate electricity again and will be conserved...
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    Of course! But with no power output.

    When the train moves, why do you think electricity will be produced? You Yourself assumed copper 'strips' to avoid the eddy currents.

    The answer: This will not work because even if electricity were produced, it is being produced at the expense of the train's kinetic energy, so the train will slow down.
    And when you supply that generated electricity, you find that the train accelerates only to again lose speed, as it loses energy to the electricity producing copper dome.
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    You are proposing a form of perpetual motion machine which is not a possibility.
    Also, the topic is not permitted on PF - it would waste far too much time and get us nowhere.
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    Thanks. For ur reply..
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    Perpetual motion and free energy discussions are not allowed as per PF rules. Thread locked.
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