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Homework Help: Energy of electromagnetic field

  1. May 14, 2015 #1


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    Hey everyone!

    I am supposed to calculate the energy contribution of the magnetic field term of an electromagnetic field.

    Basically the term is the following:

    [itex]\int_\Omega dx^3 (curl(\vec{A}))^2[/itex]

    And we can use the following two equations for simplifying:



    [itex]\Box A=0[/itex]

    So basically what I did was express the curl in terms of the levi civita tensor.
    Then you can simplify the volume integral to:

    [itex]\int_\Omega dx^3 \sum_{m,l}\frac{\partial A_m}{\partial x_l} (\frac{\partial A_m}{\partial x_l}-\frac{\partial A_l}{\partial x_m})[/itex]

    Then I can use a trick and take out the first partial derivative with respect to [itex]x_l[/itex]:

    [itex]\int_\Omega dx^3 \sum_{m,l}\frac{\partial}{\partial x_l} \left(A_m(\frac{\partial A_m}{\partial x_l}-\frac{\partial A_l}{\partial x_m})\right)-\left(A_m(\frac{\partial^2 A_m}{\partial x_l^2}-\frac{\partial^2 A_l}{\partial^2 x_mx_l})\right)[/itex]

    The term [itex]\frac{\partial^2 A_l}{\partial^2 x_mx_l}[/itex] vanishes since it contains the divergence of [itex]\vec{A}[/itex] and the term [itex]A_m\frac{\partial^2 A_m}{\partial x_l^2}[/itex]is exactly the result we want: [itex]\frac{1}{c^2}\vec{A}\cdot \ddot{\vec{A}}[/itex] because of the d'Alembertian relation.
    So what is left to be shown is that the first term [itex]\int_\Omega dx^3 \sum_{m,l}\frac{\partial}{\partial x_l} \left(A_m(\frac{\partial A_m}{\partial x_l}-\frac{\partial A_l}{\partial x_m})\right)[/itex] vanishes, which I have no clue how to show. Hope someone can help me.
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