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Homework Help: Energy of Friction

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    Need to find the equation for the velocity of a snowboarder going down a slope about to hit a jump. I know that the potential energy for going down the hill is mgh and that friction depends on the normal force which is mgcos(theta) and the distance going down the slope. I need to figure out what the equation for finding the opposing energy that is being produced by friction. Im looking to find the velocity at the bottom for all values of theta.

    The known variables are..
    m=100 kg
    g=9.8 m/s^2
    d=100 meters or the hypotenuse of the hill
    mu (k)=.05
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    Hi GoSS190! :smile:

    Combine conservation of energy with the work-energy theorem …

    energy "lost" to friction = work done by friction. :wink:
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