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B Energy of relativistic impact

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    If I were to have an object that is floating in space, with a radius of 100 m , that is going to crash unto earth from a distance of 94,725,000 m and a speed of 299,792,455 m/s, how will it affect earth?(in terms of recoil or rebound.)
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    hmm, let me put that as 1.17x1010 kg
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    Is has enough energy to drill a hole through Earth. It has enough energy to move the whole column of material at 70000km/s in the end (unless I made a mistake, which is likely).
    I'm no expert at hypervelocity impacts but I don't think there is enough time for a sideways motion of the material in the path of the Thing. But I also don't see how the energy would get transferred to that column of material. Probably it would create a layer of degenerate or even neutron matter on impact, that would get thicker as the Thing moves through the Earth.
    Also I don't think it really matters what the Thing is made of.
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