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Energy of the planets

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    I was wondering what is the energy of the planets (in our galaxy)? How it is called ? frequency ? i don't know.
    And how that is produced ?
    Thanks !
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    What kind of energy are you talking about? The question as asked doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    ...judging from your other posts, though, you're not asking something scienctifically meaningful, but are asking about some kind of superstition or astrology type energy. This is a science forum, not a mysticism forum.
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    Planets, like most other objects, have some linear and rotational kinetic energy and some potential energy. Potential energy in this case is dominated by gravitational potential energy due to all the other objects in our solar system/galaxy/universe. Energy; however, is not frame invariant. Therefore, the amount of energy a planet has depends on which frame you're looking at.

    Internally, planets also have gravitational potential energy from all the particles within the planet. There is also heat energy which is present everywhere. Sound energy...etc etc, all sorts of energy are present!
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    And this energies interact somehow with earth ?
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    What do you mean interact exactly?

    Like, a ball rolling has some amount of kinetic energy...but in what way can you say the kinetic energy is "interacting" with the ball?
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    There is gravitational interaction, but it is trivial compared to the influence of Sol. There are no known mystical energies, or planetary alignment that would support Astrology if that is what you mean. That is hokum.
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