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Energy or infinetly dense matter

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    i know that superstrings are one dimensional objects but
    are superstring a compression of matter of energy?
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    No. They are not made of matter.
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    what are they made out of.... intriguing
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    They are abstract math concepts.
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    You are speaking kind of loosely. The tension integrated along their length give us the energy which is equal to their mass. Is this a pulling tension or a pushing tension? And what gives rise to this tension? Does the tension come from the space-time metric trying to adjust itself to some "normal" condition? Thanks.
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    forgive my lay-person-ness- but my understanding of strings is that they are like tire-tracks- in that they are an emergent effect of the intersectoon/interaction of more fundemental items/processes/relationships- like "sums-over-world-sheets" or something? :confused:


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