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Energy question . end my confusion please?

  1. Dec 28, 2007 #1
    energy question..... end my confusion please?

    energy is the ability to do work..work is displacement and force..force is acceleration and mass....that leads me to the conclusion that energy requires mass...but how about sound energy..i am 99.9 % sure that sound doesn't have mass, then why is there such a thing as sound energy? and what about radiant energy... im also quite sure that em waves dont have mass..

    sorry if youre bothered by my foolishness..but if you have an answer that could end my confusion, please post it. i would definitely appreciate it. :D
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    Energy comes in many forms. Mostly you're talking about mechnical energy, but the radiant energy is electromagnetic energy.

    Sound is the transmission through a medium - mechanical energy. It is the atoms of the medium that do the moving. Sound cannot travel through anything (such as vacuum) that does not have mass.
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