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Homework Help: Energy required by an electron

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    I am quite clueless over this. :frown:

    Calculate what energy needs to be given to electrons so that they are able to probe the nuclear size.

    Is the radius of the nucleus (~1Fermi) relevant in this problem? Help needed..
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    Your guess is right. For example x-rays can be used to probe the structure of solids because their wavelengthsm are of the same order of magnitude than atomic spacings in solids.
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    Thanks again for replying!
    So, I have to take the de Broglie wavelength as 10-15m and substitute in [itex]\lambda = \frac{h}{\sqrt{2mE}}[/itex] and obtain the KE, right?
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    You should check wether relativistic corrections are neccessary or not.
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