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Energy savers?

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    Why energy savers consume less electricity although they give same kind of illumination as from the tube light that consumes more energy ?

    what is the internal difference between a tube light circuit and an energy saver circuit
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    tube light fittings are generally available for 36W rating, energy saver lamps are available in various ratings from 5W to 65W. mostly we use 11W or 18W which gives lesser illumination but saves energy compared to 36W tube rods. if you want same light output then power consumption will be same
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    If both the lamps are fluorescent and with the same lm/W rating, the lighting vs. power consumption is the same.

    The operating principle of the two are simelar, the only different are integrated or extrenal electronic ballast and starters.

    lm/W = lumens per watt
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