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B Energy shield for car

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    Is it possible to create an energy for cars by having some kind of electron emitters built around the car or sound wave emitters to create a layer of dense airwave around the car to cushion any impacts to the car in an accident?
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    Solid materials are strong because they contain a very high density of electrons and protons. It's the forces between them that keeps their shape. You could not put enough electrons around the car to do what you propose. They would all mutually repel, for a start. Even compressed air would just squish out if the pressure got high enough. You could use very strong balloons - boats use inflated fenders with thick envelopes. Not as flashy as your idea. ;-)
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    Vanadium 50

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    That would work. The 2017 GM Zodiac!
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    The best you could probably do is strong magnets, but they would have to be reaaaaly strong and would mess with anything ferromagnetic (steel) in the car.
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    You can do reactive armor. But the use case for reactive armor is not what one would usually characterize as a "collision".
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    So, if I could spray something that would turn to semi-solid state or jelly like texture when charged by electrons surrounding the car, will it work?
    Of-cos, this spraying substance has to be none permanent and only turn on the spray when a collision is imminent.
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    Well, you could instead do a "proactive reactive" protection, i.e. upon sensing an incoming collision, the car could send out something (air, foam, whatever) that would enable it to decelerate over a greater distance.
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    Sounds like an effective theft prevention system. Or anti-personnel weapon.
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    I think those adjectives already apply to a car in motion, so .... :)
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    Sounds like an external air bag but the performance would need to be much better than an internal personal bag because the energy that would be dissipated would be several ten times greater.
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    It wouldn't need to be an airbag either, since airbags are mostly used to not crush the driver's face. Since this device would operate on the car's body, it could be as simple as an extending bumper.
    EDIT: Now I want to rewatch the "Herbie" movies :smile:
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    I kind of wonder about an extendable bumper as well. Very difficult in practice, but if a crash was imminent, the bumper could be "shot out" a few feet (explosives, like an air bag, or compressed gas/spring). It would then latch in place and crush on impact, absorbing some of the force. A side benefit would be the extreme force needed to extend it so quickly would slow your car a bit.

    But it is hard to picture anything that could extend out a few feet, that would really have any significant strength, especially to anything that wasn't direct head-on. So without strength, it would just crumble, and there would be very little difference. But maybe it could extend/retract based on speed, and would not need to be deployed in an instant? That opens options (but probably no good ones!).
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    Thing is also, from a certain distance on, the tires are a much more feasible option to achieve constant deceleration. That is, it's probably a much more fruitful avenue to try to engage the brakes earlier. That's what all these intelligent cars do of course.
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    Probably. But we only have so much tire surface.

    Hey, the "Herbie" movie reference has me thinking about some crazy ideas - what if you had a couple large 'skid plates' under the car, fitted with rubber tire 'soles'. The skid plates would be forced down in an emergency, and greatly increase traction. Since they don't normally contact the road, they don't wear, no suspension required, could be soft rubber for good grip. Seems it would not be all that difficult to get 10x the contact pattern of your four tires?

    The hardest part might be finding mounting points that could absorb the forces.
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