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Homework Help: Energy Source of Respiration

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    I am not sure about respiration but I know photosynthesis the energy is through light creating photosynthesis. By trapping the sunlight. Creating energy for plants since they cannot fed themselves. That energy creates glucose.

    Am I right? If not please correct me.

    If someone can help me with cellular respiration and it's energy source is produced/kept/used.

    Thanks, RG
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    Light is the energy that makes things happen in photosynthesis. ATP is the universal energy source for all organisms. In cellular respiration (both anaerobic and aerobic), ATP is the source of energy that is used to breakdown glucose. Although ATP is used in these processes, there is a net gain with each molecule of glucose that is broken down.

    Does that help at all?
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    Plants are the only organisms that can turn sunlight into the little energy storage packages that we call sugar. When the sun is shining plants create photosynthesis, furiousily turning sunlight into stored energy. Everyday they turn the sun’s energy into millions tons of sugar.

    I guess that answer doesn't really apply to the question right?
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    Plants don't "create photosynthesis". They use the process of photosynthesis to create glucose with the help of sunlight.

    Is this for a biology or english class? If it's the former, you could drop the adjectives and report the facts. I'm just nitpicking on that point and I can be a little anal.
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    Actually its for biology 12. I am doing a comparison table between respiration and photosynthesis. They only give you the option of using web, text and whatever resources you can find.

    Right now I am comparing energy source of photosynthesis and respiration.
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    Another God

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    I have a rather large textbook (or two) which I am sure has tons of information on all of the differences between Photosynthesis and Respiration, but I am sure just as much info can be found online.

    First point: Photosynthesis is not only found in plants, it is found in photsynthetic bacteria too, and it is undoubtedly from an assimilation of these photsynthetic bacteria into the plant eukaryotic cells through which plants gained the power of photosynthesis.

    In fact, this might be interesting in your report, I will check up on this but I am confident that the currently accepted theory is that Chloroplasts (the organelle in cells where photosynthesis occurs) and Mitochondrion (the organelle in cells where respiration occurs) are both thought to be assimialted bacteria. That is the cell has formed (millions of years ago) a symbiotic relationship with the photosynthetic bacterial cell whereby the photosynthetic cell provided the larger cell with energy, while the larger cell provided the photosynthetic cell (the chloroplast) with a means for reliable replication.

    of course there are many theories explain how this could have happened but they are largely speculation.

    http://www.phschool.com/science/biology_place/biocoach/cellresp/intro.html looks like it might have some good information on the topic. (I didn't look too closely)

    try looking through that tutorial, and then see if you have more questions :)
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    jim mcnamara

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    Mitochondria have their own DNA.....

    Simply put:
    1. Photosynthesis (putting together with light) stores sunlight energy
    (fixes) in glucose. Glucose is made from water and carbon dioxide.

    2. Respiration(aerobic and anaerobic) converts glucose back to carbon dioxide and water. Respiration liberates the stored energy. That freed energy is carried by ATP molecules around the cell to do work in the cell.

    At a very simplistic level, Respiration is the reverse of Photosynthesis.
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