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Energy Stress Relationship

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    Please have a look at the attached image.
    The two blue plates (rigid) are bolted to a red plate. Now an object with 10000 J of Kinetic energy hits the red plate and the red plate is deformed by 4 mm in the direction of energy. Due to this collision, the bolts encounter a shear stress. Can someone help me in finding the relationship between the kinetic energy and the shear stress?

    One possibility is, since the maximum deformation of the red plate is 4 mm by Stiffness = Force/deflection relationship, knowing the stiffness of the red plate, the force acting on the plate can be calculated. However, the ontained force values seem unrealistic. I wish that someone confirms this procedure.


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    your basically doing a charpy energy test. E.g. energy required to break the bolt. If you know what standard of bolts your using, e.g A193 B7, B8, etc, you can find the toughness requirements for those bolts. Impact energy is basically measured by experimental tests and is dependent on material properties.
    I don't believe there is any material science equations to measure this
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    Got it. Thnx for the info.
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