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Energy to drive a car.

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    Maybe Kinetic energy generators attached on the wheels are something ? If we put a thin small tube in the VERY center of the wheel (where the rotation is fastest) filled with some generators.
    I'll try to draw a drawing sometime to be clearer with the generators positions and amounts.
    We can't create kinetic energy without something movin'. So i thought a little solar panel on the top of the car for ONLY creating enough power to start the kinetic energy proccess would be something.

    And maybe we could even add all the green methods of creating energy into the car... like windmills or water when it rains etc. Toghether they are strong.. :P.

    I don't really have an idea on making energy though, but if this is the solution, it's worth sharing it with someone who might know how to.
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    The RPM is not faster near the center of a wheel, that is impossible. However, the velocity on the outside diameter of the wheel is much faster than on the inside diameter of any wheel.
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    Ruben, we just got done explaining in that other thread why you cannot get free energy out of a vehicle's movement. Please re-read that thread, and do not post this kind of nonsense again.


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    I know the thread is already locked, but Reuben, your post is mostly gibberish anyway. I don't know if we have a language barrier, but unless a "kinetic energy generator" is just a funny way of saying "electric motor", it's just word salad. Other sentences have similar issues.
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