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Homework Help: Energy Transfer Please Help

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    The problem statement
    Refrigerant- 134a enters the compressor of a refrigeration system as saturated vapor at 0.14 MPa, and leaves as superheated vapor at 0.8 MPa and 50C at a rate of 0.04 kg/s. Determine the rate of energy transfers by mass into and out of the compressor. Assume the kinetic and potential energies to be neglected.

    I know that the rate of mass in is equal to the rate of mass out and I'm assuming that I only need to find the internal energ u. But I'm not really sure at all to be honest. I have my textbook with all the formulas but I dont know what to apply when or how. Could someone please help me. :confused:
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    i think u should take a shot urself first, and show it. i dont know exactly if i'm allowed to help u just like that.
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    Apply conservation of mass and conservation of energy.
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