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Energy, wavelength

  1. Sep 20, 2004 #1
    The hydrogen atom can absorb light of wavelength 4055nm. Determine the inital and final values of n associated with this absorption.

    Well i figured out the Energy it absorbed


    = ((6.63*10-34)*(3*10^8))/(4055/10^9)

    =4.905 * 10^-20 J

    so 4905*10^-20 = -2.18*10-18*(1/nf^2 - 1/ni^2)

    1/nf^2 - 1/ni^2 = -.0225

    How do i solve these two unknowns, other than guess and check?
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  3. Sep 20, 2004 #2
    I think its pretty much guess and check from there. I get 5 and 4.
  4. Sep 20, 2004 #3
    ya i got the same answers.... but i just wanted to see if any one has a different method to solve this problem .
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